Modems, Recruiting, and Beau (Fighter) Geste


Sorry about yesterday, if anyone noticed. It seems our cable modem died, and then the new one wasn’t optimized for anything but a simple computer with no protection, which doesn’t describe here, so It took some time. Seems, OK now, which is the main thing.

Recently the Washington Examiner held a symposium on what it means to be conservative in America today. Some of the participants couldn’t spell conservative, but overall, I agree with Aceon this one.

Larry Arnn’s piece is okay, Olsen’s piece is good, and Antle’s piece that the neocon plan — “Depose Trump and we get our phony-baloney jobs back!” — is a pipe dream is okay for that point, but it’s Mollie Hemingway who brings the hot fire:

MOLLIE HEMINGWAYOne of the ways that Vladimir Putin retains power in Russia is to permit a systemic, yet insincere opposition in the legislature. Technically, these individuals are…

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