Sovereign Brexit and Scare Stories


I don’t know about you, but I’m tired of outlandish scare stories, whether offered by US government officials trying to foment a coup against the President, or in this case, Britons who are afraid of the big bad world and seek to shelter behind ‘Druncker’ Junker. I can see why the permanent government that we often call the deep state dislike President Trump, it is understandable, but the government is not sovereign in America, the people are, and the people have spoken.

It is less understandable why the world’s paramount trading nation would wish to cower behind the protectionist EU. Britain is the nation that pioneered free trade and thereby created the world we inhabit. The only things I can see is that it is very easy to get quite rich, personally, with Brussel’s favor, and also very easy to be responsible for nothing, simply blaming the EU for everything.

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