My Collusion With the Russian Soviets

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Veterans’ Tales by Vassar Bushmills

Russians and Democrats are not the same. I’ve actually known honorable Russians.

In 1991 I met a man from the USSR named Valentin Suchkov. I was working with a Ukrainian trading company in Cincinnati. Mr Suchkov was leading a trade delegation from Gorkiy, the famous “closed city” and the internal exile home of the Soviet refusenik, Andrei Sakharov, who had only died the year before in Moscow. I was told that Mr Suchkov headed an oil and gas company in Russia and using the trading company to sign blank invoices that would allow them to buy American gifts for family back home. A common form of “collusion” even in Cold War days.

A short, stocky man, we shook hands and gnarlier hands I’d never gripped. An engineer for sure, those hands signified years of handling heavy drilling tools, not the white collar type you’d expect to see in America. I gave him my card, which was called “Retrotechnology” at the…

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