Houellebecq This


Illustration by Ricardo Martínez

Steven Hayward commented on PowerLineSaturday that about once in a generation Harpers publishes something worth reading. He is about correct.

That article, written by Michel Houellebecq, whom you may remember as the author of Submission a novel about the Muslim takeover of France, a frightening dystopic novel, that too many felt all too real and likely. Do read the full article In Harper’s, linked above.

In this article, he tells us why Trump is a good president, for us and for the world, while making just about everybody crazy. How fun! Yep, he does me as well.

In all sincerity, I like Americans a lot; I’ve met many lovely people in the United States, and I empathize with the shame many Americans (and not only “New York intellectuals”) feel at having such an appalling clown for a leader.

However, I have to…

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