Brexit, The Ruling Class, and True Colors


I spent a good portion of yesterday online with friends from the UK. They, even more than I am, are appalled at Theresa May’s attempt to completely sell Britain’s sovereignty to the EU. Actually sell isn’t the correct term, since what she wants is to pay them a multi-billion pound bribe to take it. It is, in fact, far worse than simply remaining in the EU.

In many ways, Britain this year is wintering in Valley Forge. Oh, they’ve got enough to eat, and have heat, although because of the government and the EU both are far too expensive. But they have suddenly had their faces rubbed in the fact that ‘Treason’ May (as many of them refer to her) and the rest of the gilded fools in Westminster, don’t give a good goddam about the real people, especially the English.

And so they are reading the old authors, Locke…

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