Election Day 2018 Shennanigans Exposed – NEW JERSEY Poll Worker “Vote for Democrats; Menendez is “Better”

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As pointed out in earlier posts, Democrats, correction Communists (call them by that which they are)  has spent their capitol over the past two years resisting and blocking the President Donald J. Trump’s agenda, brainwashing white folks to the point of self-loathing, levying false allegations of white privilege, racism, sexism and making a damned fools of themselves.

Out of touch swamp critters, continue to collaborate with deep state resistance leaders, the Communist media complex and regurgitate pre-scripted propaganda for the purpose of dismantling the American family, our borders, the rule of law, bill of rights and de-legitimizing the 2016 president election and President Trump.

At this point, there is very little in politics that will surprise informed voters.  Project Veritas (PV) sent their people to several polls locations across the country in search of voter fraud, election tampering and interference. PV didn’t have to look hard before they found what they…

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