Senate Judiciary Comm: Ford/Kavanaugh Testimony Documents

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Below are documents pertaining to this morning’s confirmation hearing:

09-27-18 Ford Testimony

09-27-18 Ford Testimony Updated

09-27-18 Kavanaugh Testimony

2018-09-25 Grassley to Feinstein – Ford-Kavanaugh Hearing and Debra Ramirez

2018-09-24 Kavanaugh to Grassley – Kavanaugh Nomination

2018-09-24 Grassley Letter to Ford – Ford Allegations

2018-09-23 Feinstein letter to Graslsey – Requesting Postponement of Ford-Kavanaugh Hearing

2018-09-23 Grassley to Kavanaugh’s Attorney – Evidence Request

2018-09-23 Grassley Letter to Ford’s Attorneys – Evidence Request

2018-09-22 Ford Letter to Grassley – Ford Allegations

65 Women Who Know Kavanaugh From High School – Kavanaugh Nomination

64 Of Kavanaugh’s High School Freinds – Avenatti Allegation

The above documents among others are available for viewing here and here.

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