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OK, gang, no Kavanaugh from me today. I’m tired of it, and no matter how many leftist hacks err women claim he looked at them sideways while drunk and disorderly, I simply don’t believe them, not least because they can’t keep their story straight. It’s appropriate that ‘Creepy Porn Lawyer’ is horning in on the racket- it’s all on about his level.

But, still, I have a post to write. What should we talk about? Rosenstein? Nah – see above. How about Donald Trump’s diplomacy, after all, he’s at the UN this week. Yeah, that’s the ticket.

And Bob Barr over at The American Spectator had some stuff to say about it.

[S]peaking to a large gathering at Rice University stadium in September 1962, President John Kennedy challenged his countrymen to place a man on the surface of the moon and return him safely to the earth. At the time…

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