CNN’s Forum of Women re Kavanaugh Allegations Deliver Unexpected Results (for CNN)

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Progressives, even their comrades in the Communist media complex simply do not get that not everyone fits into their box of identity politics/victimhood.

Case in point, a panel of women interviewed and queried by the Communist News Network on their feelings surrounding allegations of attempted rape or rape (depending on the propagandist doing the reporting) of Christine Blasy Ford thirty-six years ago by Brett Kavanaugh.

Let’s just say that the forum didn’t go as CNN hoped it would.  The women didn’t parrot the left’s talking points on of victimhood, identity politics, the MeToo movement.

About the allegations levied Ford, the panel had their own views as not espoused by the feminazis and their alliances working overtime to control the narrative. (Now THAT must’ve hurt.)

So much for swaying the minds of the public.

Below is video of the full block surrounding the panel.  Btw, how certain are we that the…

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