Megyn Kelly as she used to be


For most of the period between 2007 and 2015, my favorite news personality was Megyn Kelly. Not because of her looks, although they didn’t hurt, but because she took no nonsense from anyone. She made so many of them (especially Obama’s not too bright shills) look like utter fools. Then for some reason, she decided her spit didn’t stink and that the whole thing was about her.

When that happened it all went south, with her leaving Fox and not doing at all well at NBC. Well, the other day the old Megyn was back. She took some of NBC’s partisans to the cleaners  It was a joy to watch, and if she’d do more of it, well, who knows?

Watch and enjoy a woman who used to know how to interview, and maybe still does.

I haven’t checked this morning where the negotiations are, but for me, Dr. Ford…

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