Anatomy of a High Tech Lynching


So, I imagine you’ve heard, this Bernie supporting California Professor, Christine Blasey Ford, has suddenly remembered that she was sexually assaulted by none other than Brett Kavanaugh. But she doesn’t remember what house, address, or even the year. Hard to defend against that, there is no there, there.

It’s a bit suspicious I think, that Diane Feinstein sat on the allegation for well over a month, during which the nomination interviews and hearing were held, and only brought it forth, and anonymously a few days before the committee vote. Odd, that?

Still, she deserves to be heard, but I’m pretty skeptical. So is Bookworm, as she relates here.

By now you’ve all heard that Christine Blasey Ford is the woman accusing Kavanaugh of attacking her 35 years ago, a claim he strenuously and absolutely denies. Her story is a bizarre pastiche of precise details and huge memory holes…

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