Trump Holds MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN! Rally in Billings, Montana (09/06/2018)

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President Donald J. Trump last night held a MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN! rally in Billings, Montana in support of Montana state Auditor and Republican Senate candidate Matt Rosendale.

As expected, the rally was spirited and the President brought his “A” game which is not good for Jon Tester who has produced ads about how much he supported the President’s agenda. Trump put it on record that while Tester co-sponsored a few bills beneficial that the President approved of, Tester always voted the way of the Democratic Party leadership.

The President also took on Fake News, the New York Times, unhinged Marxists, NeverTrumpers, globalists etc., the Deep State’s war against Trump and the nation, including the Cowardly Resistance Vermin in the White House, possibly one of many who are plotting against the President…for starters.

All in all, President Trump emphasized the urgency for Republicans/Conservatives to vote in the coming mid-term elections…

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