The Circus Comes to Town


Mark Wilson | Getty Images

So, everybody is talking about the Kavanaugh confirmation circus hearing, so I might as well chime in as well.

William Murchison in The American Spectator is on point.

[W]hat’s the point, really? Beyond political theater, that is.

The Kavanaugh smearing — I mean, for political science purposes, hearing — has naught to do with Senate inquiry into the fitness of Judge Brett Kavanaugh for service on the nation’s highest court.

The death of Sen. John McCain, rest his valiant soul, provides Republicans the security blanket his absence for health reasons might have denied them, given the partisan line-up: 50 Republicans, 49 Democrats.

Assuming all the Republicans show up and vote to confirm, that’s the ball game, regardless of whether red-state Democrats such as Heidi Heitkamp play to the home folks by supporting Kavanaugh.

What’s the point, really — the point of the shouts and protests…

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