Impeachment and the Rule of Law


George Parry wrote yesterday in The American Spectator about the impeachment of Bill Clinton. He (like me) thought Clinton deserved to be removed, but also came to realize (as I have) that impeachment while a legal maneuver is actually an unmoored political action. He got to attend one day of the trial, and what he saw is germane.

[…]the Democrat senators were merely demonstrating for us unsophisticated good-government rubes that the true criterion for convicting a president had nothing to do with the welfare of the country or the rule of law. Rather, the only real consideration was party affiliation and loyalty. The House managers could have shown a videotape of Clinton committing murder in the Oval Office, and it wouldn’t have changed a single Democrat vote. […]

But by far the best summation on behalf of the president was given by former Arkansas Senator Dale Bumpers, an old friend…

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