Crime and (Lack of) Punishment


Gene Veith over at Cranach had an interesting article the other day, let’s look at it:

As an example of how the ongoing, wide-ranging Catholic sex scandal and its cover-up are undermining the church’s moral authority, notice how the Pennsylvania revelations change how we hear the Vatican’s new prohibition of capital punishment.  Oh, yes, we can’t help but think, you bishops don’t want to punish anybody.

Indeed, the very concept of punishment has been fading from child-raising, education, ethics, and theology.  Hardly any pastors, including from conservative church bodies, teach about eternal punishment anymore.  Our sensibility today recoils from it.  Which was not the case not long ago.  The Deists rejected Christianity and all revealed religion in favor of, supposedly, a religion of reason and reason alone, but they retained the notion of rewards and punishments after death, which they believed was essential to cosmic justice and a…

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