An American President, at Last


From Bookworm:

It’s another #NeverTrump attack on Trump’s rough-hewn style. Pfeh! Trump is the perfect American president: a heart-of-gold brawler who puts American first.

In its endless competition with the Weekly Standard to be the outlet the drive-by media quotes most (and whose pundits get the most appearances on MSM outlets), National Review has published an article entitled Americans Want Their President to Have a Little Class. As the title suggests, the article bemoans the fact that Trump, despite being rich (although his opulence is nouveau riche rather than “classy” rich), actually gets down in the dirt to fight his political and media opponents (but I repeat myself).

Frankly, I don’t care about presidential class. Unlike the Queen, our president is not a figurehead. He’s a working executive.

Given the president’s intended functionality, I’m infinitely more interested in his accomplishments on behalf of the American people than I…

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