High Water Mark


Monument to the 1st Minnesota Infantry at Gettysburg National Battlefield, Gettysburg, PA, USA (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Four score and seven years (minus one day) after these United Colonies declared their independence from the greatest empire of the age, two conceptions of that heritage met upon the greatest of American battlefields. This is part of that story, the story of men (and women) who cared enough for their freedom to kill, and to die for it, in wholesale lots. This battle was the most costly ever fought by American arms until the Battle of the Bulge in World War Two. At Gettysburg 55, 000 American Soldiers died in 3 days combat, and created a legend for us to try to live up to. 

This afternoon, a scant 150 years ago, the most costly battle ever fought in North America raged. For today is the day that the Confederacy reached its high…

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