Of Vikings and the Cavalry


St Ragner’s Shrine

In a recent article on the immortal Custer, my old friend, The Practical Historian said this, “Remembrance is not history, but the American mind needs both.” He’s right, and we’ll come back to this.

We’ve talked of this fairly often here, we’ve talked about the myth of the west as portrayed by John Ford and John Wayne, and the romance of the Alamo, and not only for Texans. But it’s not just Americans.

Another blogfriend of mine, Eleanor Parker, the author of The Clerk of Oxford, recently wrote a post on St. Ragner of Northampton, a very local saint, indeed. She’s also plugging her book,  Dragon Lords: The History and Legends of Viking England, that link is to Amazon.co.uk, here is the US one, sadly not available here until September 30, although you can order from Amazon UK. I doubt I can wait!…

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