D-Day and America Today

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Veterans’ Tales by Allen Ness

300,000 American Soldiers assaulted the continent of Europe ion June sixth of 1944.  They died by the thousands as they tried to gain a beach-head allowing access into Nazi Germany.  My closest brothers went the night before, the Airborne Divisions.

I don’t know if I’d have been able to ride one of those landing craft to the beach, just like I don’t know if I could have “dressed right and covered down” while Pickett’s Division assaulted the Union center at Gettysburg. On the other hand, jump out of an airplane and deal with what you get… Doesn’t sound impossible. Even that was ugly but it was war, that’s ugly 24/7/365. PVT John Steele, 2/505th Parachute Regiment, got caught on the steeple of the church in Ste Mere Eglise. LGOPS of 30 men took objectives planned for forces of 300. 300,000 Americans went ashore in spite…

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