How’s that treehugging bullshit working for you

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1 Response to How’s that treehugging bullshit working for you

  1. Heltau says:

    Back in the day of the nam war, on our ship we had allotted to us 55 gallons of water a day, that included everything that was done with fresh water for the crew. Even with this limitation the showers would be turned off after 0600 in the morning. So if you got caught during this time taking a shower there was a good chance you would not be able to rinse off all the soap that was on you.
    A wonderful way to start off a 18 hour shift.
    That was even when the ship used salt water for flushing the toilets.
    So, this 55 gallons per person in mexafornia will maybe help in making a lot of people leave this state because no one is going to be able afford 1,000 dollars a day for very long. Then maybe when 90% of this population has left mexafornia then, maybe the restrictions will be eliminated.
    However, don’t hold your breath as long as the BBFN’S libturds still ruin this state.
    Just leave now if you can before this state makes sure you are not able to afford to leave, because the libturds will make sure of it.


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