The Case of the Heisted Bicycle- Japan

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Editor’s Note: Another marvelous essay by our friend/patriot Vassar Bushmills from over at Veterans’ Tales. I read it three times. A few paragraphs into my first read, I stopped, thinking to myself, “oh Vassar’s on a roll, let me get my coffee.”  During my second and third reading of Vassar’, I chuckled, held on to my seat and wished that I were a fly on the wall. Enjoy.

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Veterans’ Tales by Vassar Bushmills

Most of what follows is true.

Mrs Minami was a genuine Japanese-American internee in California during WWII. As soon as the war ended, she took a job with the Defense Department in the Occupation, married a Japanese man, and lived long and prospered as a GS-grade secretary. The last time I ever heard from her was in 1990, retired, when she received her reparations check from the government. The Democrats were so embarrassed that it…

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