Obama Inc.’s “Deep State” Fingerprints Caught In Trumped-up Russian Espionage: Will They Be Charged? Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

Adina Kutnicki

IN tandem with the crooked appendages of Clinton, Inc., Obama Inc. has subverted America’s democratic process to the nth degree. So much so, its last vestiges are hanging by a thread. Barely. 

STILL yet, prior to moving forward to the latest development(s), it is intrinsic to recognize that the aforementioned wrecking balls could not have transpired without the heavy-lifting of countless co-conspirators; those who operate inside and outside officialdom. Incontestably, whether or not they aid and abet through outside channels, they are every bit as culpable as their counterparts who operate from deep within the bowels of Capitol Hill. The beltway.

BUT before the evidentiary putsch against the democratic election of President Trump via Obama Inc. (never mind that his two-term tenure has, blessedly, come and gone) becomes that much more indicting, a recap is mandatory due diligence. Resultant, the following backgrounder into the subversive nature of Brennan, HUSSEIN’s CIA…

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