The Republican Senate is a Useless Bunch of RINOs


By Carl Paladino

The current debate is whether we should devote any energy or money to keeping the Republican-controlled Senate?

Over the years most of these spineless, RINO Senators became lazy and cowardly taking their directions from Cuomo and disregarding Republican/Conservative values. They even voted for Cuomo’s budgets where he hid in the small print progressive legislation that would not pass otherwise under public scrutiny. Instead of acting as a real opposition government running a hard bargain with bold strength against the Dems and Cuomo to show their worth and earn respect, they play the Albany two-step and capitulate on just about every significant issue, hiding behind some very creative excuse.

They certainly do not understand or illustrate an ability to be hard-nosed negotiators. Their unqualified and incompetent leadership is clueless on how to cut a good deal. Warren Anderson and Joe Bruno make John Flanagan look like a choirboy…

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