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Veterans’ Tales by Allen Ness

I was On The Trail from 94 thru 96 at Ft Benning, GA.  The Home of the Infantry.  We did a lot of road marching.  I always had and by 94 I had six years of service.  Six years of the Infantry lifestyle will make you hard as woodpecker lips.  The Infantry Lifestyle will get the best of you…

The first roadmarch I made with 1/38 Infantry, “Rock of the Marne” was like I died and went to heaven.  One of the lessons the Wolfhounds instilled in me was the sanctity of the roadmarch.  Your squad splits the weight of combat equipment and ammo and everyone carries their fair share.  If you fall out your squad mates have to add your fair share to their own fair share.  Buddy is only half a word, know what I mean?  In 1/38 the roadmarch was sacrosanct.  We…

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