Infanticide by the Socialist State; the Sun Sets on the British Empire

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Credit: Kate James (Facebook page)

Unified Patriots by Lady Penguin

Words escape me. Great Britain demanding the death of ill children. Infanticide.

Little Alvie Evans died last night. A toddler child confined to a National Health Service Hospital; their dictates, their decrees, and finally, the throwing of the switch. Alfie isn’t the first notorious case the world is aware of coming out of England. Remember Charlie Gard? “Charlie Gard: A Society Which Loses its Humanity, Loses its Soul”

Alvie Evans’ story is another glimpse into what happens in a totalitarian Socialist State. It’s another example of outcomes when the State owns your healthcare and your life. Think about it. In socialism, the People are owned by the government, their everyday lives are affected, but worst of all, the government owns your body by being in control of your healthcare.

Joe Herring writes eloquently about Alfie Evans’ plight, “Another Child…

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