Facebook’s (Data & More)”Kiddie Grab”: In Partnership With Leftist-Bent Dept. of Ed. Where Do Repubs Stand? Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

Facebook’s (Data & More)”Kiddie Grab”: In Partnership With Leftist-Bent Dept. of Ed. Where Do Repubs Stand? Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

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IF anything, this site is as non-PC as it gets. Knife-worthy. Resultant, readers understand that a “take no prisoners” approach is rife within. Effectively, Repub dereliction of duty is no less target-rich than their Demster counterparts. In fact, more often than not, it is pointed out that there is less than six degrees of separation between the two. Even more so, as a Constitutional, fiscal, and social conservative, this site’s bar is fixed. 

IN reality, a historical comparative analysis is noteworthy: akin to the former Soviet Union’s (and other Eastern Bloc countries….as well as today’s repressive regimes) nomenklatura, it matters not a whit if a Repub or Demster holds the reins. In others words, the real bosses are a group of (non-elected) managers and bureaucrats who – through ceaseless political maneuvering and pandering – maintain total power, as a privileged class. Sound familiar?

BY extrapolation, the “elected class” (again, regardless of party) are instructed on what they can and can’t do. To wit, laws are passed, but actual policy-making no more resembles this and that law than a whore mirrors a virgin. Sheesh.

BUT not to be overlooked, activist judges and prosecutors (read: bought and paid for social engineers, mostly, ala money-bags George – the devil incarnate – Soros) manipulate its contents to the point that they no longer reflect the will of the majority public. Understood? By the way, none of the aforementioned should be misconstrued for what is commonly referred to as the “give and take” of Congressional horse-trading, A/K/A sausage-making. 

WITH that being established, it brings the discussion to the left’s war on the First Amendment (with a knock-on to the Second alike…after all, a non-armed populace is incapable of fending off sustained attacks on free speech and associated freedoms), and the part played by the so-called mainstream media as a complicit silencer. Imagine that. Yes, it is either their way, or no way. In their totalitarian thinking, it boils down to: freedom for me, but not for thee. Plain and simple.  

ALL of which circles back to Facebook and Congress – and straight to the kiddies and the unconscionable silence from the GOP. Hang on tight.

NOW, while yours truly (with co-author Joe Newby) wrote the book on the urgent need to rein in Facebook due to its monopolistic hegemony (namely, the dangers accrued via its total control over social media and concomitant internet censorship, and, as an outgrowth, its enabling of militant Islamic Jihad), the fact remains that Congress was hide nor hair when Obama Inc. sucked up and harvested Facebook data of millions of users to aid in HUSSEIN’s win. So, the question becomes: why drag Zuckerberg before Congress, more than six years after the main heist?

COULD it be that their huffing and puffing (except for a few, who truly care about safeguarding the nation) has everything to do with Trump’s win, and their fixation on tying him into the so-called Russian collusion, as opposed to clipping the wings of an entity which has become so big that it can freely operate as a government unto itself and censor all those who refuse to toe the red and green lines?    

BACK to the kiddies…and the GOP’s abhorrent silence re Facebook’s collusion.

NOW, how many are aware that Facebook’s gargantuan data sweep (along with other tech giants) is so much more than what is already known, in so far that it involves the upcoming generation – from kindergarten and up!

WELL, now you do.

Read more at Adina Kutnicki

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