Is the Red-White-and-Blue Line Dying Out: a Conversation for Veterans

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Unified Patriots by Vassar Bushmills

Posted slightly different at our Veterans site,, where I invite you to read and join the conversation.)

My father was a WWII veteran, leaving college as a freshman after Pearl Harbor, enlisting, embarking for North Africa about the same time his daughter, my sister, was born, and not coming home to see his daughter until just before VE Day. He liked to brag, after he’d had a few, that I was born nine months to the day after he came home.

Everything I knew about my dad’s service in North Africa, Sicily and Italy, I heard from my grandfather. I got the sense, confirmed by years traveling around the world, that that was how a lot of lessons were passed down. Grandparents tell the stories while Pop is out working his butt off, in my dad’s case, making up for lost time.


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