Dianne Feinstein: It’s “absurd” to suggest that criminals don’t follow the law!

It’s absurd that idiots like Feinstein are elected to Congress!

Cry and Howl

Well, I see the statute of limitations has come and gone to prosecute former National Intelligence Director James Crap … er … Clapper for lying under oath to Congress. So, the Justice Department and U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions let another one slip on through the fingers of justice for the American people. Right along with Hillary (think ‘pay for play’), Barack (think Benghazi … hell, just think a full eight years!), Loretta Lynch (think non prosecution of Hillary and meeting Bill on the tarmac), Eric Holder (think Fast & Furious and lying to Congress) and Lois Lerner (think IRS scandal) to name a few others who will never be prosecuted for their nefarious deeds and treasonous acts. I noticed also that according to the New York Times, Sessions is being called on to fire Andrew McCabe who is retiring after this week. Who knows what that would do…

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