President Trump, please beef up your security detail

Cry and Howl

In my post the other day I mentioned that I felt the President has been threatened. God forbid that I could be right on that one, but some very bad actors have been revealed who genuinely hate President Trump … a lot! Hillary Clinton was supposed to win in 2016, period. She had well over 200+ major news “paper” endorsements as opposed to Trump … nine (9). She, as we have learned recently had the FBI, DOJ, Yahoo News, NYT, WashPost, HuffPost, CNN, MSNBC, Mother Jones, Obama, the DNC, Democrats and Republicans, NEVER-TRUMPERS, the freaking Russians, all the foreign entities who she promised favors to in exchange for millions of $ to her phony “foundation,” a former British spy, and a lot of money all in her corner. Damn the luck! She got her a$$ handed to her and every one of those aforementioned entities have lost their grip (and…

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