The following is from a former teacher of U.S. history: US Civil War

The following is from a former teacher of U.S. history:

Do you realize that Robert E. Lee owned no slaves?
Did you know that Stonewall Jackson, Lee, and other southern generals were Christians who loved Jesus, loved their country, and didn’t fight to preserve slavery, but fought to preserve individual freedoms?
Did you know that many in the South were against slavery? Or that the first recorded slave owner in the South was a wealthy black man?
And many in the North owned slaves?
Did you know that thousands of blacks owned slaves in Africa, and sold those black slaves to the early settlers here?
Did you know that the primary issue for Southerners during the war was “States Rights” and not “slavery?”
The southern states recognized that the federal government was getting way too large, way too strong, way too powerful, way to controlling and way too dominate. The southerners wanted individual, independent sovereignty for each state instead of an out of control federal government putting its nose into each state’s business! They wanted less government! Ironic… isn’t it?
The liberal citizens of today say they want less government, but at the same time will be the ones who are seduced into the one-world government of dictatorship, totalitarianism, control and tyranny.
The southern flag represented “state’s rights”, less government, and more individual freedoms and liberties!
It did not represent or promote “slavery!”
Removing flags and statues, and attempting to abolish or rewrite history will only give the federal government and the one-world government more power and control… which will lead to less individual rights and freedoms!
But the ignorant masses of the “left” will never get this!
So they continue to seal their own doom. They continue to blindly invite and embrace their own destruction! How foolish!

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