Obama may have confused ISIS with Isis


Obama constantly tells us that ISIS (The Islamic State) has nothing to do with Islam, even though Islam is its foundation. However Isis, the Egyptian goddess of health, marriage, and wisdom, plainly had nothing to do with Islam. If Obama’s references are actually to Isis, then His characterization is true. 

After the silly stuff, there are some pertinent videos about the ongoing Islamist conquest of America under Obama.

First, a not-very-funny attempt at humor on a very unfunny topic.

Not a terrorist Not  Islamist terrorist

Obama's wish list Not Isis’ followers

Not an Egyptain goddess Not Egyptian goddesses

The Cultural Appropriation Is our Right (CAIR) organization praised Obama for His appropriation of Egyptian mythology to defame Isis:

By confusing Isis with ISIS, President Obama has done a great service to fellow Muslims everywhere. Although neither Isis nor ISIS has anything to do with our Holy Religion of Islam, drawing public attention to an ancient Egyptian goddess draws it away from…

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