U.S./Western Mosques On Notice: Bombs Away! Via Adina Kutnicki

Obama is doing his best to destroy and islamicize the USA. He is turning this country into a 3rd world cesspool.NO Muslim refugees or immigrants.

U.S./Western Mosques On Notice: Bombs Away! Islam’s Barracks Within. Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

WITHIN a civilized nation it is a given – at least it should be – that the physical safety and security of the citizens is the highest priority. Everything else takes a back seat and pales in comparison.

EXTRAPOLATING further, effective policing – on a purely elemental level – is a combination of strategic and tactical based measures which run the gamut. In fact, “community policing” is worthless without properly understanding the overall dynamics and rhythms of disparate neighborhoods, that which support and promote organizational and problem-solving techniques. This is especially the case when hot-button ethnic communities are in play. Hmm.

THAT being established, “best practices” must be developed without any consideration given to PC constraints and political backlash. After all, enumerable innocent lives are at stake.

ALAS, under HUSSEIN Obama’s reign of anti-American terror, a steady infiltration and penetration of high-level Muslim Brotherhood Mafia operatives gutted the nation’s Federal and state policing agencies. This is a fact.

IN reality, a bullet-proof exhibit of the gutting can be found within New York City’s NYPD, unarguably the most highly trained force in the nation. Intrinsically, the only effective counter-terror program in America has been castrated, relegated to hand holding and apologias offered up to the very SAME grouping which presents a clear and present danger to the non-Muslim community! Read more—>

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