ISIS Catapults Alongside Israel’s N. Border, Readying To Pounce! How Did This Happen? Via Adina Kutnicki

ISIS Catapults Alongside Israel’s N. Border, Readying To Pounce! How Did This Happen? Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

IT is not for nothing that this investigative journalist, an American-Israeli (who happens to live in Israel) whose expertise lies in Islamic militant jihad, pays special heed to the catapult of Allah’s Muslim Terrorists throughout the Mid East and alongside Israel’s borders. Ditto, re America’s security alike.

THAT being said, those who operate in this murky arena understand full well that relying on mainstream media for a truthful analysis is a fool’s errand. Not only that, Israel’s leftist media (and assorted mouth pieces) is no exception to this lying trend. Therefore, it is mandatory to confer with this and that outside source – non-beholden and non-restricted by outside interests – to weave together the geo-political picture, thus, zeroing in on the dangers at hand.

NOW, it must be stated that the public is trained to believe that their leaders have the nation’s best interests at heart, yes, their experts know how to “take care of business.” Hmm. If so, the core questions become: How could it be that PM Netanyahu, smartie that he is, followed HUSSEIN Obama’s lead in the Mid East theater, even though he is operating against Israel’s security interests? More specifically, how could he have left Hamas – the military arm of the Brotherhood Mafia, in tandem with assorted Gazan jihadi terror groups – standing after their 2014 summer-long missile blitz which blanketed all of Israel, thereby, leaving Israel’s southern border directly in their cross hairs? These are fair questions, aren’t they? So much so, they were duly addressed in an interview on March 17, 2015, election day, at Inquisitr via Can Israel Survive As The Jewish State? 

WHICH brings us to this week’s “news”, that is, ISIS is poised on Israel’s Golan border and readying to pounce! But before we get to that, it must be noted that news was placed in quotes for more than good reason. In fact, this site warned about Israel’s encirclement, and placed the onus where it belonged. Let’s recap:


  • ADDING fuel to the hottest fire, during the week of Dec. 20, 2014, this investigative journalist was burning up the phone lines, and meeting one contact after another “in the know”, relative to ISIS’s encirclement of Israel on the Golan border. In effect, this is precisely why the “news” below is hardly “news!” Its basis can be found at: Israel is encircled, Al Yarmouk Shuhada Brigades backed by U.S./CIA Officers and the IDF too! Yes, they pledged allegiance to ISIS and it was NOT a secret, but it was a knock-on effect of HUSSEIN Obama’s “rebels” smoke and mirror show.
  • ON July 2, 2015, it was further warned: ISIS is encircling Israel pincer-like, from the north and south; the poisonous fruits of Obama’s illegal Libyan war!
  • HOT on its heels, Aug. 6, 2015, another analysis was noted: HUSSEIN Obama’s sleigh-of-hand, as the much ballyhooed “rebels” are ISIS aligned and protected by U.S. air cover, as they directly endanger Israel! 

AND so here we are almost a year and a half onward from the first recap, alas, EXACTLY what this site warned is due to explode! Trust, PM Netanyahu (and his lackeys and lapdogs) will certainly feign – shock…shock…how did this happen….blah, blah too.

ISIS forces in southern Syria overran several Jordanian border crossings south of the Yarmouk River on Tuesday, April 5.

This disastrous turn of events is illustrated by an exclusive picture obtained by DEBKAfile of an ISIS fighter unfurling the organization’s flag at one of the crossings which sports a Jordanian flag.

The picture taken the same day shocked the royal court and the Jordanian military command in Amman.

Our military sources report that an urgent conference was called at the Military Operations Command (MOC), north of Amman to devise measures for containing the Islamic State’s leap into more territory on the Syrian-Jordanian border. It was attended by Jordanian, American, Israeli, Saudi and UAE officers.

They voiced apprehension about three developments which give Daesh a substantial edge. Read more—>

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