HUSSEIN Obama, Nero-Like, Fiddled While Discussing Dirty Bomb Attacks! Whys & Wherefores. Via Adina Kutnicki

Obama Has shown his deep affection for and allegiance to Islam and his opposition to the U. S. Constitution, the American way of life and Judeo Christian values upon which the U. S. A. was founded since he came into the office of the U. S. Presidency. He is the enemy within. Let us hope he leaves office before he completely destroys the U. S. A.

HUSSEIN Obama, Nero-Like, Fiddled While Discussing Dirty Bomb Attacks! Whys & Wherefores. Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

EVEN when referring to Allah’s Muslim Terrorists admitted plans to execute MASS genocide via WMD attacks, HUSSEIN Obama is hell bent on calling those who would do so “madmen.” Effectively, his main mission is to distance the “religion of peace” from anything connected to genocidal slaughter. Who behaves this way, other than a committed Islamist with anti-western designs? Birds of a feather…

NOT only that, Nero-like, he fiddled in the midst of a summit dealing with nuclear terrorism, comporting as if he was having a grand old time. Whatta guy….

Earlier today, Obama spoke of the threat of nuclear weapons falling into the wrong hands, such as those of ISIS terrorists.

The President said no terrorist group had succeeded in getting hold of making a dirty bomb, but said al-Qaeda wanted to and ISIS had already used chemical weapons in the Middle East.

He said there was no doubt that if ISIS ‘mad men’ got a nuclear bomb, they would use it to kill as many people as possible. Obama gave a chilling warning that such a catastrophic disaster would ‘change our world’.

‘We have measurably reduced the risk,’ Obama said. But he added: ‘The threat of nuclear terrorism persists and continues to evolve.’

And he warned that as ISIS comes under greater pressure it will likely carry out more attacks elsewhere.

‘As ISIL is squeezed in Syria and Iraq, we can anticipate it lashing out elsewhere, as we’ve seen most recently and tragically in countries from Turkey to Brussels,’ Obama said – using another acronym for ISIS.

Despite Obama’s warnings – and his hi-jinks during the photograph with other world leaders – Donald Trump’s earlier comments on nuclear weapons cast a shadow over the summit.

AS to those who claim that HUSSEIN Obama’s actions are in line with an insane mind, well, yes and no. On the one hand, would a sane leader of the free world facilitate the west’s graveyard? Of course not.

HOWEVER, if one accepts the fact that HUSSEIN Obama is Islam’s (American) best friend, ipso facto, their goals are his goals. Exactly. 

STILL yet, if anyone is still unconvinced of the above analysis, well, just think about the following and try to wish it away – you can’t.

WHY in heaven’s name would HUSSEIN Obama broker a nuclear “deal” with Iran’s Hitlerite regime – thus, rewarding them with billions of dollars to produce (and proliferate) the world’s most dangerous weapons – and then turn around and refer to ISIS (aka ISIL) as “madmen”, as they admittedly aim for the same outcome as Iran’s mullahs?? 

MORE specifically, the most comprehensive analysis and dissection of HUSSEIN Obama’s western betrayal is housed within the “House of Bribes.”

NOW, one such relationship exists with USA Transnational Report. Accordingly, this site unreservedly recommends the most comprehensive report to date on the (purposeful) nuclear-arming of Iran. Its documented basis will clear through the smoke and mirrors, that which HUSSEIN Obama’s regime blew in the direction of the free world. Read more—>

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