U.S. Military Training Deaths Soar: MARINE COMMANDANT & COS Weigh In. What’s Really Going On? Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

Via Adina Kutnicki

It has been abundantly clear since the earliest days of his Presidency Barack Hussein Obama has been favoring Muslims and the ideology of Islam over the interests of the Ubited States of America and the American people. Despite what he and his supporters might say his actions and even some of his words have made this loud and clear. Obama and his supporters are the enemy within. He is on a mission to destroy the USA and bring it down to the level of a third world country. If at all possible he will see the USA destroyed.

U.S. Military Training Deaths Soar: MARINE COMMANDANT & COS Weigh In. What’s Really Going On? Commentary By Adina KutnickiVia

YESTERDAY’s commentary, An Overview Re Beating Back Militant Islamic Jihad, opened with these explosive charges:

THE most efficient long-range path to a nation’s destruction is through the (incremental) decimation of its armed forces. Let’s just agree on that. Okay?
Gen. Mark Milley, the US army chief of staff, said Wednesday (March 16, 2016) at a hearing of the Senate Armed Services Committee that he is concerned over the army’s ability to confront Russia, China, North Korea or Iran due to a lack of resources, readiness and trained forces. He said the army is not at the required level “in terms of time, cost in terms of casualties or cost in terms of military objectives.” At the same hearing, Air Force Secretary Deborah James said 50 percent of the combat forces of the air force were not “sufficiently ready” for a confrontation with the Russian air force.
The US air force has a shortage of 500 pilots and the number is expected to rise to 800 by 2022. The military’s budget for the 2017 fiscal year stands at $148 billion, with the number of troops in the standing army to be cut to 460,000 from the current 470,000.
MIND you, the devastating effects of the military’s castration is not just confined to its stripped down budget, dearth of updated acquisitions, gutting of rigorous training standards and actual lack of manpower. Its demoralizing and insidious effects have taken root through the purposeful insertion of gays into the military, and with NO redress for those who are subject to the blow back. Well, let’s just say that taking a shower in already close quarters – as just one example – is a little more dicey. There is no reason to sugarcoat this dangerous situation….continue reading….

THE above certainly leaves no equivocation as to where HUSSEIN Obama’s allegiance lies, and it is anti-U.S. military. Full stop.

STILL yet, aside from enumerable death blows dealt to the U.S. Military from HUSSEIN Obama (both direct and indirect), to bring the evidence full circle, it is intrinsic to take a look-back to two high-profile cases.


BESIDES, hasn’t it been made clear that HUSSEIN Obama’s animus toward the military was more than a contributory factor to the deaths in Benghazi? In other words, wouldn’t the two Navy SEALS still be alive, but for HUSSEIN Obama’s (and surrogates) plan to destroy America and uplift militant jihad, which necessitates knocking down the military from its super-power status? 

CASE TWO: Read more—>

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