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UK Cop: ‘There Are Areas We Have To Ask Muslim Leaders’ Permission To Patrol’

shariaThere are no go zones and everyone knows it. Until someone says there are no go zones Then there are no no go zones and only bigots and racists think there are. What an absurd world. What insanity. They are trying to do to Trump what they did to Steve Emerson last January: pretending […]READ MORE

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3 Muslims Stage Terror Attack on France Train, Commandeer Train’s Intercom, Play Muslim Call to Prayer

french trainThree Muslims in France have been jailed for staging a terror threat on a train on order to rob passengers- only five days after the Paris attacks. They commandeered the train and began playing the Muslim call to prayer on the intercom system – five days after the Paris slaughter. Imagine, this cruel terror hoax […]READ MORE

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Loretta Lynch, “Come and get me, biatch”

Screen Shot 2015-12-09 at 10.05.31 PMThe running dogs on the left are frothing at the mouth over my Loretta Lynch remarks on the Joyce Kaufman Show. In an interview yesterday with popular Florida radio host (and woman warrior) Joyce Kaufman, we discussed Attorney General Loretta Lynch’s pledge to Muslim groups that she would prosecute “anti-Muslim” rhetoric. That was the Obama […]READ MORE

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Another Muslim Attacker Identified in the Paris Jihad Slaughter

Foued_Mohamed-Agga_3521717bThe third Muslim who open fired on concert-goers at Paris’ Bataclan concert hall and slaughtered 90 mostly young people has been identified as Foued Mohamed-Aggad. Mohamed-Aggad was a French Muslim who went from the killing fields in Syria in 2013 to the killing fields in Paris concert hall before being killed in the savage attack […]READ MORE

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California jihadi considered an attack in 2011: source

Screen-Shot-2015-12-07-at-10.55.14-AM-640x480The vicious troll, Linda Stasi (@lindastasi), blamed the victim. Nicholas Thalasinos’s widow, Jennifer, should sue the New York Daily News and Linda Stasi personally. How many other devout Muslims are stewing plotting and planning mass slaughter? Stop the refugees into this country. California shooter may have considered an attack in 2011: source,” Reuters, December 9, […]READ MORE

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Germany Officially Hits One Million Asylum Applications

germany refugee migrantOne million Muslim migrants — mostly male, fit and military age. Merkel madness, and for this, TIME Magazine names her “Person of the Year” today. Next year it will be 2 million. She has single-handedly done as much destruction to her country as Hitler did, albeit differently. Germany (and by extension the EU) traded six […]READ MORE

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FBI: Jihadi at Texas ‘Draw Mohammed’ contest messaged foreign Muslim fighters

Garland Boston jihad capturesIn my Breitbart article yesterday, I outlined the striking similarities between the Garland and San Bernardino jihadi attacks. Geller: San Bernardino was Garland Without Guns — read it. Here’s more — “Shooter at Texas ‘Draw Mohammed’ contest messaged foreign militants: FBI,” OANN, By Julie Harte, December 9, 2015 (thanks to Todd): Police work inside a […]READ MORE

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Obama’s Peace Partners: At least 37 killed in Taliban attack on Kandahar airport

TalibanObama said the Taliban is not a terrorist group. Obama said Afghanistan would not be a source of terror attacks again. The Islamic State has moved into Afghanistan. He is a liar. When he says we are safe, only a fool or a leftist could believe him. Afghanistan: At least 37 killed in Taliban attack […]READ MORE

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DHS: Only ‘Some’ Paris Attackers Would Have Been Detected on U.S. Border

baraclan paris jihadThe MOAB Trump set off post-San Bernardino with his declaration on Muslim immigration has all but extinguished talk about the real issue: refugee immigration. The majority of Americans do not want the Muslim “refugees” that Obama is bringing in. That’s the issue. Not whether the King of Jordan would be granted entry to the US […]READ MORE

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Ohio: Muslim hospital worker who called for US soldiers to be beheaded in their homes is arrested

ohio muslimThey’re here. And Obama wants to bring hundreds of thousands more. The attraction of the Islamic State to previously “moderate” Muslims is that they are fulfilling the goals of Islam. Al Qaeda never did that. Obama ceded the Middle East and now parts of Africa to the Islamic State. Osama bin Laden was right when […]READ MORE

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Hamas-CAIR Helping San Bernardino Jihad Killer’s Family Get Custody of Baby

Ayloush CAIR Farook 2The cruelest fate awaits this child if terror-tied CAIR is successful. This child should be placed in a non-Muslim home and never know who her parents were. That would be her only hope for a happy life. But Sharia law mandates that Muslim children must be placed in a Muslim home, and so Hamas-CAIR, designated […]READ MORE

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Time names Merkel as its ‘person’ of 2015

merkel-chador_3465403bThey named Hitler their man of the year, too. Ironically, it was 1938, when Europe was on the cusp of enormous, terrible change, “that fateful year.” It is indeed 1938 all over again. This is the ne plus ultra of the media’s relentless refugee campaign. The media has been trying to sell this trojan horse […]READ MORE

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