Various from the religion of peace 11/02/2015_01

Picture of the Week

Prayer rug in the background…
(but you knew it had to be somewhere in that home).

Germany: 20 Million Muslims by 2020 (Gatestone)
If Merkel was trying to destroy Germany for future generations, she couldn’t possibly be doing a better job.

Women and Children First (Overboard) (Mad World)
“If Muslim ‘refugees’ are slaughtering their own women and children, what will they do in their new neighborhoods?”

How ISIS Spread in the Middle East (The Atlantic)
An objective dissecting of the perfect storm that created ISIS and the caliphate, including the premature withdrawal of the United States.

Love for Aisha Bibi (Jamie Glazov)
All of Obama’s billions can’t buy the freedom of a mother wrongly imprisoned for her Christian faith.

Shakar Aamer and the Question that Won’t be Asked (Spectator)
A newly released Gitmo inmate is gearing up for a million-pound payoff from British taxpayers. The terror recruitment that landed him at Gitmo seems to be irrelevant.

Erdogan: ‘Can’t Condemn’ ISIS Downing of Passenger Plane…
Syrian ‘Rebels’ Lock Humans in Cages for Use as Shields…
Non-Muslim UK Prisoners Forced to Pay ‘Infidel Tax’…
Egypt Tries Writer over Sexual Content…
ISIS Fires Rocket at Israel – Hits Gaza…
Taliban Shuts Down Schools for 10,000 Students…
UK Enrichment Update: Life of 6-Year-Old Changed…
Female Professional Has Sex Life, Clerics Issue Fatwa…
(OpEd) German ‘Progressives’: Tax Dissenting Opinion…
AUS Muslims Conference Slams Nation Anthem, Cooperation…
NY Muslims Whine over Police Op that Stopped al-Qaeda Bombing…
Sweden’s Foreign Minister Warns of Collapse…
Halloween: Dressing as Terrorist Offends Muslims…
‘Islam is not up for negotiation or reform. Islam is what it is’
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