Various from the religion of peace 10/21/2015_01

Picture of the Week

Clerics imploring faith-based genocide from the pulpit
is one way that the Religion of Peace distinguishes itself.

The Death of Europe (Daniel Greenfield)
Europe invested in the welfare state. The Muslim world invested in large families. Europe expects Muslims to work and and pay into the system. Muslim migrants however expect Europe to subsidize their large families.

Islam in Sweden: September, 2015 (Gatestone)
A month of multicultural madness features the typical plunder and rape, along with a fresh batch of war criminals.

Islam and Dogs (American Thinker)
“If it offends Islam, no one should be able to do it. There is no coexist, no live and let live, no getting along.” Even puppies are to be eliminated.

Islam and the Fall of Europe (American Thinker)
Europeans are assisting their own Islamization with a passion.

‘Refugees’ to Germany Brutally Beat a Convert to Christianity…
Son of Saudi King Escapes Charge in LA Sex Assault…
Canada’s New PM Stops ISIS Strikes, Ups Refugees by 25k…
UK Teacher Praises Hitler…
Women Lashed for Taking Back Stolen Property…
Muslims Steal from German Churches to Fund ISIS…
Report: Merkel to Advocate for Normalizing Turkish Occupation…
Woman Strangled by Father for Refusing Arranged Marriage…
Pak. Clerics Wage War on Mixed Gender Education…
‘Unanimous’ Fatwa Sanctions ‘Clean’ Toilet Paper…
Immigrant to Italy Encourages Terrorism…
Swedish Artist ‘Investigated’ for Immigration Satire…
Turks in Germany Pose as ‘Right-Wingers’ to Threaten Kurds…
Nuclear Expert: ‘Inevitable’ that Caliphate Will Get WMDs…
Muslim Neighbors Quickly Turned on Christians in Mosul
Former Greek Tourist Island Turned into War Zone…
Journalists Wear Flak Jackets to Australian Mosque…

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