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UNESCO to Vote on Proposal Declaring Western Wall a Muslim Site

Western WallThis is what they do. It is an Islamic supremacist practice for Muslims to appropriate the cherished sites of other religions and peoples. Calling it the “Buraq Plaza” refers to the Muslim legend that Muhammad ascended to Paradise from the Temple Mount on a winged horse with a human head. The horse’s name was Buraq. […]READ MORE

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VIDEO: Germans lose their jobs at four star Hotel Maritim…it will now house Muslim migrants

Screen Shot 2015-10-20 at 10.57.33 PMI predict a civil war — there is no other way. The workers and shop owners in this hotel, some of whom had worked there for over 25 years, were told a few weeks ago that they would no longer have jobs, because the hotel would be converted into migrant housing. It’s been a glam […]READ MORE

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VIDEO: Thousands of migrants on the march in Slovenia to Austria

Screen Shot 2015-10-20 at 10.23.17 PMImagine if this was the street where you lived. It looks like the Nazis marching into Czechoslovakia (sans uniform). This is in Slovenia where there are now more migrants than Slovenians. Video thanks to FaustinaREAD MORE

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SHOCKING PHOTOS: Infamous Migrant ‘Jungle Camp’ Swells Out of Control, France Begged to Bring in Army

Calais-camp-307028France has been urged to completely clear Calais of migrants hoping to reach Britain after it emerged the town’s biggest camp has DOUBLED in size. Eurotunnel bosses said president Francois Hollande should send in police to clear the notorious Jungle II camp, which is now home to more than 6,000 people. Yesterday the Eurotunnel was […]READ MORE

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Clock-bomb hoaxer Ahmed Mohamed and his family will move to Qatar

Ahmed-Mohammed-ClockAhmed Mohamed, the kid who made a hoax bomb that he called a clock, is moving with his family to Qatar. Apparently MIT, the Google execs, Barry Hussein, et al. didn’t bow deferentially enough. مَع السَلامة maʿ al-salāmah (good-bye) Ahmed’s sister Eyman said the Middle East won’t feel too different from the U.S., except that […]READ MORE

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Protesters in Malmo chant ‘slaughter the Jews’

AntiIsraelprotestMalmoEvery Swede pays month’s wages to finance immigration, 48 billion kroner still needed beyond budgeted amounts — and millions more are en route. Sweden is now the rape capital of the West thanks to their Muslim immigration and here is more of the fruit of their dhimmitude: “Protesters in Malmo chant ‘slaughter the Jews,’” JTA, […]READ MORE

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Cambridge Public Library hosts “Stand With Ahmed and Build Your Own Clock” day

Cambridge-Library-Stand-with-AhmedHow about “Stand with Clockmed and create your very own fake ‘Islamophobia’ hoax”? The public library — nothing is sacred. There are no intellectual standards. None. This is Cambridge, home of Harvard, which lost its soul when they accepted tens of millions of dollars from the Saudis. Ahmed didn’t build anything. He took the insides […]READ MORE

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VIDEO: Preschool Muslim Girl Holds Knife, Says: ‘I Want To Stab A Jew’

muslim pre-schooler girlWhat other religion teaches this? None. Islam is not like other religions. This is vicious child abuse — systematically turning humans into savages. Imagine what this child will grow into. Imagine, this child’s father is a ….. teacher. A video recently posted on Facebook shows a little girl, called Rahf, holding a large knife and […]READ MORE

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