Various from the religion of peace 10/17/2015_01

Picture of the Week

Two Holy Warriors with suicide belts took out 97
demonstrators at a peace rally in Turkey last week.
How many people were killed in the name of your religion?

The Niqab: Turning Female Liberation on Its Head (National Post)
“It would be a strange turn indeed if The Feminine Mystique, described by Friedan as a trap that oppressed women, were to be replaced in Canada by The Niqab Mystique.”

51% of US Muslims Want Sharia (Robert Spencer)
If CAIR’s Islamist leanings don’t represent Muslim Americans, then where is the opposition?

Blood on Their Hands (Gatestone)
Western leaders may not glorify Palestinian terror attacks the way Arab leaders do, but they share culpability.

CAIR Wants Children Indoctrinated (FrontPage Magazine)
The Islamist agenda is most insidious when it operates under the guise of tolerance and education.

‘Refugees’ Rape Female Staff at Asylum Center…
Half a Million Yemen Children at Risk of Severe Malnutrition…
Arabs Torch Joseph’s Tomb…
‘Refugees’ Taunt EU Cops with Selfies of Stolen Goods…
Christian Refugees in Sweden Targeted with ‘Convert or Die’
Schoolchildren Pressed into Service for ‘Migrants’…
Muslims Brag They Will Take Latvia…
Palestinian Clerics Fuel the Flames of Hate and Violence…
Muslim Principal Told to Hide Islamist Agenda: ‘Will be Easier When She is Respected’…
Saudis Ban Female Candidates from Addressing Male Voters…
Israel Accused of ‘Murdering’ Terrorist Still Alive…
Germans Told to Accept Migrants or ‘Leave’ Germany…
Masked ‘Migrants’ Shout ‘Allah Akbar’ in Germany…
‘Blasphemous’ Flip Flops Flip Out Islamists…
Caliphate Sex Slaves Killing Themselves to Escape Torture…
Kidnapped Chibok Girls Pregnant and Diseased…
AUS Killer Said There is a ‘War on Islam’…
AUS Navy Chief Fasts ‘to Show Solidarity with Muslims’…

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