Various from the religion of peace 9/30/2015_01

Picture of the Week

A Christian is beheaded by Religion of Peace activists in Syria.
The Queen of Jordan says that if Europe doesn’t accept more Syrian
Muslims, the Muslims already in Europe will become more violent.
In an intelligent world, that is an argument against more

Clock Boy in Qatar (FrontPage Magazine)
Enthusiasm for Ahmed’s scientific acumen is belied by some inconvenient realities.”

Welcome to Wealthy Middle Eastern Thug Privilege (Town Hall)
“Middle East oil money talks. Sex slave-trafficking, maid-abusing, sodomy-terrorizing defendants walk.”

ISIS Prepares a Mushroom Cloud (FrontPage Magazine)
The caliph is not shy about pursuing the mass genocide of unbelievers.

The Abbas “Bombshell” (Gatestone)
“If one person can stand at the UN and unilaterally declare a state, I so advise the leader of the Kurds, the Catalans, the Druze and any other ethnic groups that feel entitled to an independent state.”

Islam in a Post-Nationalist Age (Daniel Greenfield)
“Muslims bridge multiculturalism through religion and they do not accept any form of national identity that is not based on religious unity.”

Minority Report? (Pam Geller)
Muslim supremacists are trying to capitalize on killings that haven’t even happened (even as they ignore those that have).

‘Refugees’ Arriving in Europe on First Class Seats…
Muslim-American Rapes and Sells Sex Slaves…
Soros Wants Europe to Take One Million Muslims Each Year…
France Sued for ‘French’ ISIS Killing in Syria…
‘Asylum Seekers’ Bide Time Assaulting Dutch Women…
(Italy) ‘Asylum Seeker’ Jailed for Random Throat Slashing…
Iran Puts Transgenders on Women’s Sports Teams…
Palestinian Warrior Kicks Jewish Baby in Stroller…
Saudis Protest Gay Rights at UN
Muslims Vow to Eradicate Christianity in Tanzania…
Cameron Tries to Convince Muslims to Fight Extremism…
Canada Has 80 Terror Returnees, Zero Charges…
Taliban Pose for Selfies after Taking Afghan City…
Libyans Convicted of Sex Crimes in UK Seek ‘Asylum’ from UK…
Real Haj Death Toll Could be 1100
Zuckerberg: FB Will Crackdown on Immigration Dissent…
Young Women Shot to Death for ‘Having Bad Character’…
UK Police: Mosque Arson Not a Hate Crime…
UN: Jihad Recruiting ‘Up 70%’…

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