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New “Preventing Violent Extremism” program in Australia ignores jihad threat

Preventing Violent Extremism Australia2The general refusal to name the enemy and understand his motives and goals is heading us to disaster and defeat. And not just in the United States, Britain, and Western Europe. Atlas reader Kamala points out that “this new pamphlet from Australia is stunning. The first mention of Islam is, of course, in the context […]READ MORE

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Pamela Geller, WND Column: America delights in Carson’s honesty on Islam

ben carsonCheck out my column today at WND: Defending the West “America delights in Carson’s honesty on Islam” Sunday, September 27th, 2015 by Pamela Geller, WND Exclusive: Pamela Geller applauds Republican for boldness in face of media lynching Presidential candidate Ben Carson has been the victim of a media lynching for saying he would oppose a […]READ MORE

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UK: Soldier moved from hospital waiting room over fears his uniform might ‘offend’ Muslims

mark-prendeville_3453909bA British soldier was asked to move from a hospital waiting room last week because staff feared his uniform might offend other patients. “He was more upset by the way he was treated because of his uniform than he was about the burns in his eyes.”- Jim Prendeville Heinous. And Europe is laying down while […]READ MORE

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WATCH: Arabic-speaking Ukrainian woman tells what the “migrants” are really saying about “infidels”

Screen Shot 2015-09-27 at 7.02.55 PMWatch this video. A European woman who speaks Arabic translates what the Muslim migrants were saying when they thought she didn’t understand their language. (thanks to Armaros) And this is the translated speech of the Hungarian Prime Minister addressing all the issues from NO Go Zones to terrorists, to EU incompetence and corruptionREAD MORE

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Victory: SIOE stands up to jihadis, holds free speech event in Copenhagen

muhammedtegningsudstilling_axeltorv_pic6-1_260915The difficulties in merely holding a free speech event and the attendant security required speaks to the low state of freedom in the West. We are under siege and the elites would have us go gently into the hellish night that awaits us. The media and the political and cultural elites demand that we “respect” […]READ MORE

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WATCH: ‘Poor’ Migrants Complain About Slow Internet, Boredom At Netherlands Camp

muslim_refugees1_1The poor, put-upon migrants are complaining about slow internet service. Step and fetchit Facebook co-founder Mark Zuckerberg pledges free internet for refugee camps. How do you say schmuck in Arabic? Others complained that “breakfast is small, lunch small” with another adding how “bored” they all feel. “You can just eat, sleep, use the slow internet, […]READ MORE

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Pamela Geller, Breitbart News: It’s OFFICIAL: Ground Zero Mosque DEFEATED

Screen Shot 2015-09-27 at 3.38.51 PMCheck out my piece over at Breitbart, share it far and wide: IT’S OFFICIAL: GROUND ZERO MOSQUE DEFEATED! By Pamela Geller, Breitbart News, September 27, 2015 The infamous Ground Zero Mosque project is officially dead. We won. We the People. Crains New York reports that the unsavory developer behind the Ground Zero Mosque initiative, Sharif […]READ MORE

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Europe: Seizing Homes to House Muslim Migrants

muslim_refugees1_1In a deeply disturbing development in the Muslim invasion of Europe, Europeans are being forced from their homes to accommodate the invaders. Never let a crisis go to waste is the theme of the left. Every crisis must be used to seize power, money and property for the agendas of the left. The Muslim migrant […]READ MORE

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Pope Francis Lashes Out: Praises Illegal Aliens While Attacking Donald Trump

pope wind2This. Pope. Is. Seriously. Out. Of. Control. I am no fan of Trump, but the Pope inserting himself in the US Presidential election is egregious. From Kelly McLaughlin and Ollie Gilman writing at the Daily Mail: (hat tip Breitbart): Pope Francis made a thinly-veiled swipe at Donald Trump as the Pontiff defended Latino immigrants who came […]READ MORE

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