Various from the religion of peace 8/28/2015_01

Picture of the Week

Islam’s war on civilization claimed the life of Khaled al-Asaad,
a very dedicated 83-year-old archeologist who was beheaded
by the caliph for trying to protect antiquities from destruction.

Black Lives Matter (Not Really) (FrontPage)
Hey, did you hear the one about the African activist thrown into a Muslim prison for campaigning against slavery? Because it just happened in Mauritania.

Islam in Sweden: July, 2015 (Gatestone)
Muslims in Sweden are warned by their imam not to befriend unbelievers – and Sweden keeps importing more. It’s not hard to guess how this one ends.

Peeling Back the Propaganda (JWeekly)
Muslim apologists are eager to paint a picture of Islam that is in sharp contrast to the actual practice. But, when even the apologists have ties to terror. . .

Christian Husband Dies After ‘Interfaith’ Couple is Tortured…
Muslim Charities Deny Aid to Christians Flood Victims Unless They Convert or Become Slaves
Girl Doused with Acid for Wanting to Marry by Choice…
Sheikh: Temple Mount Attacks ‘Bring Honor to Islam’…
Bits of Bacon Called ‘Serious Human Rights Violation’…
Christians Share Tips on ‘Acting Muslim’ to Save Their Lives…
Couple Ordered to Flee over Home-Made Sex Tape…
(Italy) Muslim Mayor Says ‘No’ to More ‘Asylum Seekers’…
Iran Orders Rocket Attacks on Israel – Bounty on Jews…
Top IS Hacker Taken Out by Drone…
Budapest Train Stations Morph into Refugee Camps…
Ex-Jihadi Runs Anti-Islam Site…
Islamic Charities ‘for Refugees’ Line Their Own Pockets…
Cattle Rustler Caught While Going for Haj Pilgrimage…
‘Restoration’ Turns Ancient Castle into ‘Spongebob’…
French Intelligence Warns of Religion of Peace Mass Attack


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