Various from the religion of peace 8/23/2015_01

Picture of the Week

The Caliph and the Captive
News that the Islam’s version of the pope raped
an American hostage several times surprised only those
unfamiliar with the Quran and life of Muhammad. No less
than four separate verses authorize Muslim men to rape
their female slaves (4:24, 23:5-6, 33:50 and 70:29-30).

Why would a book truly from God be overly redundant in permitting
rape, yet relatively reticent on matters of human compassion and love?

The IKEA Murders (Gatestone)
In Sweden, vandalism at a mosque garners far more official attention than the raping and killing of innocents at the hands of Muslim invitees.

Don’t Celebrate for Saudi Women Just Yet (CNN)
Women are lining up to vote for the first time in Saudi Arabia. The catch is that the vote doesn’t count for much in the Kingdom.

Rotten in Denmark (Breitbart)
“It is clear that in Denmark, ‘hate speech’ and ‘racism’ are crimes that can only be committed by non-Muslim Danes, not by Muslims – no matter how extreme and threatening what they say really is.”

American Heroes (Molschky)
Nothing to see here. Just unarmed Americans charging a Muslim terrorist to save French passengers abandoned to their fate by a French train crew (and perhaps their own government).

Multiculturalism and the Rise of Islamic Terrorism (Jihad Watch)
An individual’s will to resist tyranny depends to a large extent on the strength of his attachments � particularly to family, church, and country. But the liberal state does everything it can to weaken those ties.”

Freedom of the Press Not a Right? (Blazing Cat Fur)
This article is tough on ‘the Left’ and not specifically about Islam, but it does address net censorship, which affects TROP and other counter-Jihadis.

Huffington Pushes Muslim Brotherhood Propaganda (Commentary)
The Arabic edition of Huffington Post is anything but ‘progressive.’

When Jews Stand Up to BDS (Jerusalem Post)
Slightly off-topic. The banning (and reinstatement) of a Jewish singer by a festival in Spain exposed the true anti-Semitic agenda of BDS – and how it can be defeated.

US to Blame for ISIS Sex Slavery (Jihad Watch)
Academia’s ‘Blame America First’ crowd gets even stranger.

Expert: Too Many Terrorists Now for Europe to Track…
Train Attacks ‘Four Times More Likely’ Than in Air…
Massive Tax Cheat Complains Prison Interferes with Prayer…
Islamic State Closing in on Damascus…
Fear Islamists Will Kill Malala – in Britain…
Haj Pilgrims Warned Against Bringing Viagra, ‘Sex Toys’…
Hamas-Linked Group Wants Apology from US Republican…
Woman ‘Feeds’ Refugees – Sticks Restaurant with Bill…
Man ‘Ready to Use’ Bionic Penis…
‘Jihad John’ Vows to Come Back to UK and Behead Unbelievers
CAIR: Americans ‘Not Up to the Modern Time’ (on Issue of 7th Century Dress Code)…
Saudis Shelter Judge’s Killer: ‘He’s an Islamic Missionary’…
Europe Knew Train Gunman Had ISIS Links…
Iran: 420,000 Young Girls Forced into ‘Marriage’ in Past Decade…
Paris Train Staff Abandoned Passengers to Gunman…
Video Shows Caliphate Child Cutting Off Teddy Bear’s Head…
Taliban Murder 9-Year-Old Nephew of Afghan Translator…
Saudis Lead Arab World in ‘Ashley Madison’ Cheating…
ISIS Hopes to Lure Intellectuals with Cappuccinos…
Caliphate Destruction of Heritage Compares to WWII…
Homeless Italians Recruited for Sham Marriages…
‘Asylum Seekers’ to Cost Germany 10 Billion in 2015…
(WV) ‘Incestuous Rednecks’ Urged to Support Taliban?
Muslim Labour Aid: 7/7 Bombings were ‘Reprisal’…
UK Labour Frontrunner Compared US Troops to ISIS…
(UK) Possible Hate Crime as 81-Year-Old Muslim Killed…
Muslim Leader Exhorted Pakistanis to Kill Hindus…
Americans Subdue Man Opening Fire on Paris Train…

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