Various from the religion of peace 8/20/2015_01

Picture of the Week

A child recounts Religion of Peace handiwork in Nigeria.

Clearly Definable Genocide (The Federalist)
If what the Islamic State is doing isn’t genocide, then what is?

Iran Has Already Declared War on Us (Gatestone)
Nothing can be more foolish than strengthening your own enemy.

Fracking Allah (Straight)
The Saudis are being out-savvied by the American shale industry.

Islamic State Harvesting Organs of Yazidi Slaves…
Hacked Adultery Site Exposes Muslim Brotherhood Cheater…
J Street Elects Muslim to Top Spot…
Two Moroccan Women Infect 16 ISIS with AIDS…
Finland Surprises Small Town with ‘Refugee’ Dump…
UNRWA Asks Its Teachers to ‘Tone Down’ Hate…
Police Inaction on Temple Mount Emboldens Thugs…
Outrage as Austria Forces ‘Asylum Seekers’ on Locals…
ISIS Sets Up North African Capital on Europe’s Doorstep…
American Carries Out Suicide Bombing in Iraq…
Divers Explore Red Sea Wreck that Claimed 500 Haj Pilgrims…
Iran ‘Will Use’ Its Own Inspectors
Five Women Stoned for Not Wearing Veil…
Turkey’s Energy Minister Desires to Die as a ‘Martyr’…
Slovakia: ‘No More Muslims, Please’…
Denmark Cracks Down on ‘Immigration’ Opponents…
Illegal Immigrants ‘Jail’ Israelis in Their Own Homes…

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