Various from the religion of peace 8/11/2015_01

Picture of the Week

Muslim protesters in Paris painted a swastika on the statue
of Marianne at the Place de la Republique last summer.
The Religion of Peace is slowly making Europe less livable.

Another Gruesome Execution Video  (Clarion)
Despite promising that it wouldn’t, the Islamic State released another video demonstrating just how cheap life is in the caliphate.

The Ayatollah Guidebook to Annihilate Israel  (FrontPage)
Iran’s chief cleric denies one Holocaust while threatening another.

Victim of Grooming Gangs Speaks Out  (Glazov)
(Video) “She came on the show to discuss her victimization at the hands of Muslim Grooming/Rape Gangs – and her efforts to help victims and to protect future potential victims of a barbaric ingredient of Islamic Jihad.”

The EU, Islam and Radicalization  (Gates of Vienna)
Fjordman: Europe is being led in the wrong direction.

Caliph Offers Children for Sale as Sex Slaves…
Huffington Post Arabic Edition Slams Gays and Atheists…
ISIS Supporters Say Pluto Has ‘Allah’ Written on It…
IKEA Stabbings: Eritrean ‘Asylum Seekers’ Not Identified…
UK: 14-Year-Old Murdered Black Teacher in Racist Attack…
Pak. Police Blame Secular Blog-gers for Their Own Murders…
New Jersey Man Hoped to Form ‘Small Army for ISIS’…
Islamists Kill 5 UN Workers, Credit ‘Hand of Allah’…
Woman Attacked with Acid by In-Laws…
Syrian Couple Beaten, Forced to ‘Bray Like a Donkey’…
Islamic State: India Under Sharia by 2020…
UK Muslim Teachers Beat Boy with Stick over Quran Learning
Gazans Place Garbage Dumps Upwind of Israeli Towns…
Pakistan Child Abuse Sting Exposes Rape of 280 Children…
Lawsuit May Expose Saudi Role in 9/11…

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