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Islamic State executes 300 civil servants, at least 50 of those shot to death were women

isis ruleObama’s “Junior Varsity” team continues its unprecedented slaughter. And the cowards in the West assure us that “it’s not Islamic,” as if that irrational declaration somehow makes it ….. all right? Genocide, creed apartheid, Islamic misogyny, sex slavery are shrugged off by a dying West that bloviates about human rights and equality for all, but […]READ MORE

Ayatollah Calls for Global Expulsion of Jews

AFDI IJH adsIran’s Friday Prayers leader, Ayatollah Mohammad Emami Kashani, an Islamic cleric whose position grants him enormous influence in Tehran and who is appointed directly by Iran’s Supreme Leader, called on Friday for the Muslim nations of the world to “unite and expel the Zionists from this region.” And the “first Jewish President” says, “give ’em […]READ MORE

Sweden: “There are areas, where Swedish law no longer exists”

sweden muslimsThe blowback against this is not the no-go zones, but mentioning them or talking about them –– that outrages the elites. Sweden: “There are areas, where Swedish law no longer exists” by Nicolai Sennels, News10, August 8, 2015: Another situation report from Europe’s sick man. Sweden may be the first – and hopefully last – […]READ MORE

UK: Another terror arrest, another BBC coverup

UK-Police3This is almost certainly a jihad terror arrest, but look at how it is reported. The BBC gives no hint of the guiding ideology behind this. It would be like reporting on December 7, 1941 that a group of men in airplanes had bombed Pearl Harbor, without giving a hint that they had come from […]READ MORE

Former Jihadi: ‘Talk Of Jihad’ Common At Queen Mary University Friday Prayer

sharia ukThe British government, academia and media allow this to go on — encourage it — but ban Robert Spencer and me from entering the country because Muslims might get violent. Is it any wonder that the UK is doomed? Former Islamic Radical: ‘Talk Of Jihad’ Common At Queen Mary University Friday Prayer Extract from an […]READ MORE

Islamic supremacists and their lapdogs protest federal program to combat Islamic extremism, saying it targets Muslims

Muslim capital hillMuslim groups and their leftist lapdogs oppose counter-terror programs, saying they focus on Muslims. More absurd scenes from bizarro world — America 2015. Jihad is Islamic. Islamic terror is perpetuated by Muslims. Every jihadi attack in this country has been perpetrated by devout Muslims. Why are these alleged “peaceful Muslims” fighting for devout savages? Traitorous […]READ MORE

‘Jewish Schindler’ Saves Dozens of Yazidis and Christians from Islamic State

yazidi3I have been writing about the divine work of a singular human being, Steve Maman, who is working to help minorities that are persecuted, oppressed and tortured by the Islamic State escape. “‘Jewish Schindler’ Saves Dozens of Yazidis and Christians from Islamic State,” by Donna Rachel Edmunds, 8 Aug 2015 A Canadian Jewish businessman has […]READ MORE

“United States will burn in the flames of an eternal and terrifying fire”: Boston Bombers’ Muslim Mother

tsarnaevShe’s a devout Muslim. Respect it! Notice her whatsapp background: roses. Blood and roses. ‘United States will burn in the flames of an eternal and terrifying fire’ – Boston bombers’ charming mom Posted by soopermexican, Right Scoop, Aug 9, 2015 Apparently America is to blame for what Zubeidat Tzarnaev’s maggot sons blowing us up and […]READ MORE

Christian Blinded for Refusing to Accept Islam

150206120430-isis-file-large-169Don’t expect Obama to offer this Christian asylum. He’d sooner proffer support to the Islamic State savages. “Iraqi Christian: Islamic State jihadis blinded me after I refused to convert to Islam,” By Robert Spencer, thanks to Religion of Peace: islamic-state-topic-original-1407866105The Qur’an says that “there is no compulsion in religion,” (2:256), but what constitutes “compulsion” is […]READ MORE

Islamic State building capacity for mass casualty attacks

isis-obama-shhhhhhWhat, Obama worry? The “Junior Varsity” team is not Islamic, says our supreme leader. The U.S. intelligence community warns that ISIS may be working to build the capability to carry out mass casualty attacks, calling it a “a significant departure from the terror group’s current focus on encouraging lone wolf attacks.” Nonsense. It’s merely in […]READ MORE

Judenrat Privilege: Iran Grants Self-Loathing Jewish Daily Forward Reporting Visa

Iran-VIsa-300x228Is anyone surprised? If you know the “Jewish” Forward, you wouldn’t be. The paper of the judenrat was given a visa by Iran. The Forward has long engaged in vicious anti-Israel, anti-Jewish rhetoric. I, of course, am a favorite target, being a proud, vocal and unapologetic Jewess. Their pro-Iran coverage (here) makes them the perfect […]READ MORE

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