Various from the religion of peace 8/9/2015_01

Picture of the Week


(It’s not just an Obama problem. Most Western
leaders seem to play dumb on Islamic terror.)

Islamist Influence in Hollywood  (Human Events)
“Hollywood regularly capitulates to CAIR on how to portray Muslims, even though many in CAIR’s leadership are sympathetic to Islamic terrorists.”

Islam in Europe: June, 2015  (Gatestone)
A month of sex slavery, beheadings and Twitter terrorism for European hosts.

Muslim Accomplishment?  (Islam Watch)
The contributions of Islamic society to the world are mainly war, civil strain, and that ever-streaming flow of refugees seeking a better (ie. non-Muslim) place to live.

The Case Against Anjem Choudary  (Gatestone)
The taxpayer supported law school graduate skirted the edge as closely as possible without going over – or did he?

Religion of Peace Plot to Blow Up Queen at WWII Ceremony…
Baby Posed with Grenade…
Taliban Hang Woman for Adultery
Women Captured, Sold and Raped ‘According to the Sharia’…
Non-Citizen Terror Preacher ‘Will Stay’ in UK (on Benefits)…
Britain Moves Elite Troops to Chunnel…
Pakistan Tries to Erase Non-Islamic Past…
‘There are Areas Where Swedish Law No Longer Applies’…

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