Various from the religion of peace 8/5/2015_01

Picture of the Week

A gay man is about to be tossed off a building by devout Muslims.
If Allah really wanted him dead, then why doesn’t he do it himself?

Jihadists in America: The Media Narrative  (Jerusalem Post)
“The irony, of course, is that media analysts, while preaching the gospel of cultural relativism, are themselves entirely blind to the moral values and cultural underpinnings of those who adhere to different sets of guiding principles.”

‘Islamophobia’ vs. Ingratitude  (American Thinker)
In the wake of ghastly attacks against Americans, there are immediate calls from the Muslim communities, not to express their remorse or outrage so much as for others to understand their ‘grievances’.

Why Iran is Obsessed with Jews  (Asia Times)
Iran’s ‘master faith’ sounds like Hitler’s ‘master race’.

And When Iran Does Go Nuclear?  (Gatestone)
We’re told that the best way to prevent Iran from develop nuclear weapons is to let them develop nuclear weapons.

The 1993 Massacre of Intellectuals  (Jerusalem Monitor)
“Turkish journalist Uzay Bulut describes how Turkish Islamists that massacred Alevi intellectuals in 1993 have never been punished for their crimes and even gained political power within her country.”

The Caliph’s Christian Sex Slaves  (American Interest)
“No female is considered too young; only women over forty are let go or released for ransom. Amnesty reported that some slaves were ‘just babies’.”

Palestinians: The Difference Between Us and Them  (Gatestone)
“Netanyahu’s strong and clear condemnation left me and other Palestinians wondering when was the last time we heard similar statements from our [Arab] leaders.”

ISIS Sells Women and Children to ‘Affluent Middle Easterners’…
UK May Tag Family Members to Monitor Attempts to Join ISIS…
Obama Wants Terrorists Paying Less to US Victims…
US Muslim Leader Seeks ‘10,000’ Willing to Rise Up an Kill’…
Iran Performs Cross-Amputation on Prisoner…
Saudis: ‘Free Expression is an Abuses of Religious Rights…
Imam Who Attacked Churches Converts to Christianity…
Converts Attack Prison Staff over Prayer Rule…
Libya’s ‘Good Guys’ Torture Prisoner…
International Forces Responsible for 1% of Afghan Civilian Deaths…
British Man Charged with Threatening to Burn ISIS Flag…
One-Fifth of Germans Have ‘Immigrant Background’…
Calais ‘Migrants’ Urged to Lie About Sexuality for Asylum…
Britain Pays Failed Asylum Seekers Who Won’t Leave…
Saudi Royals Stick France with $4 Million in Unpaid Medical…
Ahmadinejad: Tanned, Rested and Ready…
Afghans Thank India for Helping with Reconstruction…
Islamic State Executes 19 Sex Slaves for Refusing Duties…
Mullah Omar’s Son Assassinated by Successor…
Iran Releases ‘Beat and Insult the Arab’ Video Game…

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