HUMA ABEDIN, Top Brotherhood Spy, Cemented To Clinton Inc. Final Death Kneel To America, If Hill’s Elected! Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

Adina Kutnicki

NON patriotic Americans – in particular, Muslims and their leftist cohorts – are thrilled that the Obama White House is an extension of the Muslim Brotherhood Mafia. Intrinsically, they are salivating over the prospect of Hill replacing HUSSEIN. 

YES, while there would be a ‘technical’ changing of the guard – coupled with stylistic differences – in relationship to the global Brotherhood Mafia, well, her ascension would be no less than cementing Islamist power for 4 more years. In effect, after a 12 year period of entrenchment (2008-2020), the United States of America may as well be changed to the Shariah States of America, thus, ending the charade of a Constitutional Republic. As a matter of fact, many confuse the US with being a democracy, but no matter. Either way, its death kneel would be complete.

TO wit, it is under Hill’s (Bill’s alike) crooked wings that Huma…

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